Why Christmas Doesn’t Have the Same Magic For Me

Santa Clause is long gone, and Rudolph is dead

Estacious(Charles White)


Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

My Christmas spirit is really in the dumps this year. It's been low since my mother passed away in 2009. She was the queen of Christmas. It was her favorite Holiday. She would decorate the table with her seasonal tablecloth, new placemats, and sometimes a poinsettia.

She would order cookies, candies, nuts, and fruits from various vendors around the country. It was fabulous how she embraced the Holiday.

My mom was a marvelous cook and baker. She would stay awake all night to get her dinner completed. Gumbo, collard greens, potato salad, and a turkey or ham would come together under her adept skill.

The cakes and pies on the counter seemed to be kissed by a scent of sweetness and called to whoever passed by. I wondered at her gifts in the kitchen. My mother was a full-figured woman, but in her youth, she moved around the kitchen with the grace of a five-star chef. Pots clanged together and created a symphony. A symphony that came together on the taste buds of our family.

However, the actual glue of the whole experience was the music filling my childhood home. Blues maestros hollered across the paneled walls and shook picture frames from their nails. My mom loved her denim skirts. As she stood over the sink washing whatever meat was about to turn into a masterpiece, she sang and shook with the music.

I witnessed this black woman, who was the mother to her only child of 14 years, love her food and music. It was her gift to the family, and she gave it until her health began to fail, and death stole her.

My mother's absence has stolen a great deal of the magic of Christmas. Yes, I have kids, and we've celebrated as a family, but it's not the same. We went back to New Orleans every Holiday for years. It was the same yearly, but now the house is empty and sad.

In closing, I will say love to your family this Christmas because a chair may be empty the next Holiday. Time moves quickly, and it's a commodity we can never get back.

As always, peace, and thanks for reading.



Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright. estaciousw1914@yahoo.com