No Place to Teach: The Rise in Violence Against Teachers

Now we should expect being shot to be part of the job


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Years ago, teaching was an admired profession. When the local educator walked down the street and encountered students or parents in the community, they were met with handshakes or thanks for teaching. However, now a person who becomes a teacher may be injured or killed on the job. So it’s dangerous to take up one of the noblest professions, teaching.

4 out of 10 educators state that at least one teacher they know has been assaulted at school. If you looked up this same stat 20 years ago, I bet it wouldn't be the same numbers. Ten percent of educators state students have attacked them.

The pandemic threw teachers, students, and parents into new territory. We had yet to be using terms like in-person or remote learning. It was all new to most educators. The stress of that time was immense. Kids weren't ready when we returned to complete in-person education in the fall of 2021. Students need social interaction and the daily routine of school. Without that, kids forget how to do school.

Teachers and students, especially in an urban setting, were already carrying a heavy load before the pandemic. I've worked in at-risk environments for 26 years and have seen plenty in my career. Furthermore, at-risk students need to catch up.

Perhaps even more troubling, the students most affected by the crisis were already behind their peers before the pandemic, and the added losses have pushed them further back. — New York Times

Third graders who attended low-income schools in the spring of 2021 tested 17 percentile points lower than their similar peers did in 2019.

Why academic deficiencies and the pandemic lead to increased behaviors

I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession. — John Wooten



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