How 9 horrible years in education led me to teach juveniles in prison.

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Work is something most of us must do to earn money to live. Whether you own a business or run on the hamster wheel for a company, it's all work. The trick is creating or finding work that fulfills you. The pandemic has exposed many people to how much they hate their jobs. Millions of workers are saying they quit. Sitting at home with the kids for 12 months or more revealed how much stress they were under at their current employment. Work must be fulfilling. …

The backseat of my dad’s GTO allowed me to escape my everyday.

By WendellandCarolyn

I was my parent's only child for 14 years. It was an interesting existence living in a home with only two adults. There were no other children to play with, and my mother was overprotective. But, of course, she had reasons, such as an abusive marriage which led to me being all she had to depend on.

I lived most of those 14 years in my little room in the back of my home. A little pink house in an unremarkable suburb of New Orleans named Kenner. A lot of kids in school found the color of my home unique…

It’s definitely not the paycheck.

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Whether it’s elementary, secondary, or higher education, any teacher you ask will tell you they didn’t become a teacher to earn a huge income. Money and teaching don’t usually go together. If you want to make the big bucks, you will have to put on a suit, become a school administrator, and make decisions that are usually not the best for kids. Honestly, the real work is in the classroom or maybe as a school leader, but if you make it to the central office, it becomes easy to lose touch with the real reason you chose the teaching profession…

We are obligated to tell the truth to our nation’s students.

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I’ve taught for 23 years in three different states. In addition, I was a school principal for six years. However,I found leading schools left me unfulfilled.However, nothing is as fulfilling as standing in front of a classroom of children. Feeding eager minds the fruits of knowledge is far better than sitting behind a desk pushing a pencil or walking a building.

As most of my readers know, I currently work at a juvenile detention center. Furthermore, the majority of my students are black and male. They are detained for crimes that range from car theft to murder. Their lives, as…

He couldn’t understand why his comments about the Jacob Blake shooting drove me to anger.

I am about to recount to you a tale. The tale of a black man trying to explain to a white man how the police have killed countless African Americans who were unarmed and, in some cases, walking away.

I was standing in my classroom speaking about my truth to a man I thought would at least give me space to explain my issues with the police. However, his white privilege blocked him from hearing how traumatizing it is each time African Americans hear of a black person dying at the hands of a cop. We’ve watched countless cell phone…

A short commentary and poem on the loss of a Hip-Hop legend.

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I was born in the 1970s, but I spent most of my teen years in the 80s. The decade was great until the dirty finger of the crack epidemic destroyed families and locked up a generation.

Hip Hop was and still is the soundtrack of my life. I am a middle-aged man with three kids, but whenever I hear some Dougie Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, or RUN-DMC, I return to my youth popping tapes into my auto-reverse Sony Walkman. …

I am a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. For years Howard and Xavier were two top schools for sending African American's to med school. If you wanted to be a black Dr and wanted the HBCU experience then these two institutions were and still are the place to be..

I believe more of our black academic talent needs to removed themselves from the white elite institutions where they are underappreciated . Until a few short decades ago black folks couldn't walk the halls of some of these schools.

Our black students in HBCU's should be learning from the…

How to be consistent in the quest for equity

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I’ve read stories of reformed racists. White people who’ve chosen to reject racism. They are no longer card-carrying members of the racist ideology that permeates American society. The fog of bigotry and hate has lifted, and finally, they acknowledge white privilege, supremacy, and how this country is built on the bricks of racism. Some new books on the bookshelf deal with critical race theory, anti-racism, mass incarceration, and the police. George Floyd, Ahmed Aubrey, and Brionna Taylor rousted them from their denial of the racial problems in America. They are “woke” now but do they really understand what comes with…

A poem for DMX

Johnathan Cooper

He was born with blues in his soul
Abandoned and alone
A story was written
Bleeding out his pain
Through a pen

Realism stoked the black and white
Reality of being black
Punching you in the face
Yet his growls were laced with grace
He gave us a taste of the street on his terms

His verses cried out truth
Facts that hit like ghetto jackhammers
Making you wave your hands
While holding back tears
As you saw the Dark Man’s blues

Prayers spoken from a flawed man’s lips
Whose wings seemed broken
But only hidden until God made the call
We all…

Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright.

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