I had to bring him back to the fight, but it's a conversation I am tired of having.

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He came to me visibly upset. It hit him in the face like a wet dishcloth. The Rittenhouse verdict was in, and once again, he saw the double-dealing and ugliness of the justice system.

He shook with rage and disappointment. Hope sapped from his soul as he wiped angry and…

How wealth inequality, especially in the black community, is fueling these experiments

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The idea of universal basic income is a topic on the minds of American's and, truthfully, the world. In layman's terms, it's the idea of giving members of the community a fixed amount of money every month. In theory, it will help alleviate poverty and end social programming.

According to…

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.

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I believe most writers, famous or not, write with the hope their work will resonate with a reader. The unknown scribe in any dark corner of the world is delighted when a reader becomes enthralled with their words. It validates the time and effort spent creating something from nothing. What…

How 9 horrible years in education led me to teach juveniles in prison.

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Work is something most of us must do to earn money to live. Whether you own a business or run on the hamster wheel for a company, it's all work. The trick is creating or finding work that fulfills you. The pandemic has exposed many people to how much they…

It’s definitely not the paycheck.

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Whether it’s elementary, secondary, or higher education, any teacher you ask will tell you they didn’t become a teacher to earn a huge income. Money and teaching don’t usually go together. If you want to make the big bucks, you will have to put on a suit, become a school…

Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright. estaciousw1914@yahoo.com

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