How the threat of remedial freshman English made me a better writer.

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Well, here I am again, facing the white void—the tormentor and savior of a writer's soul. I've wanted to write since the fall of 1991. …

How 9 horrible years in education led me to teach juveniles in prison.

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Work is something most of us must do to earn money to live. Whether you own a business or run on the hamster wheel for a company, it's all work. The trick is creating or finding work that fulfills you. The pandemic has exposed many people to how much they…

The backseat of my dad’s GTO allowed me to escape my everyday.

By WendellandCarolyn

I was my parent's only child for 14 years. It was an interesting existence living in a home with only two adults. There were no other children to play with, and my mother was overprotective. …

He couldn’t understand why his comments about the Jacob Blake shooting drove me to anger.

I am about to recount to you a tale. The tale of a black man trying to explain to a white man how the police have killed countless African Americans who were unarmed and, in some cases, walking away.

I was standing in my classroom speaking about my truth to…

It’s definitely not the paycheck.

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Whether it’s elementary, secondary, or higher education, any teacher you ask will tell you they didn’t become a teacher to earn a huge income. Money and teaching don’t usually go together. If you want to make the big bucks, you will have to put on a suit, become a school…

A short commentary and poem on the loss of a Hip-Hop legend.

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I was born in the 1970s, but I spent most of my teen years in the 80s. The decade was great until the dirty finger of the crack epidemic destroyed families and locked up a generation.

Hip Hop was and still is the soundtrack of my life. I am a…

We are obligated to tell the truth to our nation’s students.

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I’ve taught for 23 years in three different states. In addition, I was a school principal for six years. However,I found leading schools left me unfulfilled.However, nothing is as fulfilling as standing in front of a classroom of children. …

How to be consistent in the quest for equity

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I’ve read stories of reformed racists. White people who’ve chosen to reject racism. They are no longer card-carrying members of the racist ideology that permeates American society. The fog of bigotry and hate has lifted, and finally, they acknowledge white privilege, supremacy, and how this country is built on the…

Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright.

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