How to be consistent in the quest for equity

I’ve read stories of reformed racists. White people who’ve chosen to reject racism. They are no longer card-carrying members of the racist ideology that permeates American society. The fog of bigotry and hate has lifted, and finally, they acknowledge white privilege, supremacy, and how this country is built on the bricks of racism. Some new books on the bookshelf deal with critical race theory, anti-racism, mass incarceration, and the police. George Floyd, Ahmed Aubrey, and Brionna Taylor rousted them from their denial of the racial problems in America. They are “woke” now but do they really understand what comes with…

An explanation of why Brandt Jean's forgiveness of Amber Guyger is his choice and not ours.

I watched the Amber Guyger trial with trepidation. She stood in the courtroom charged with the murder of an unarmed Black man in his apartment. He was eating ice cream and watching t.v on the sofa he probably lounged on countless times. Never once I bet it entered his mind, he would die in his apartment at the hands of a Dallas police officer.

If he were shot at a routine traffic stop, the world would gasp and say not again. However, no one expected a Black man to die sitting in his own home. …

A poem for DMX

He was born with blues in his soul
Abandoned and alone
A story was written
Bleeding out his pain
Through a pen

Realism stoked the black and white
Reality of being black
Punching you in the face
Yet his growls were laced with grace
He gave us a taste of the street on his terms

His verses cried out truth
Facts that hit like ghetto jackhammers
Making you wave your hands
While holding back tears
As you saw the Dark Man’s blues

Prayers spoken from a flawed man’s lips
Whose wings seemed broken
But only hidden until God made the call
We all…

What if it had been you?

I ask you, Chauvin, what if you were George Floyd. What if you drove your vehicle on a warm Memorial Day to the local corner store to pick up some holiday drinks? Millions of American’s did something similar that same day. They went to the store to grab a six-pack of beer or an extra pack of hotdogs for the backyard barbeque. However, unlike George Floyd, they returned home healthy and alive.

Is your life worth more than a counterfeit 20 dollar bill? I bet Derek Chavin you would say yes. It seems that a black man’s life was worth…

It’s an honor and privilege to teach

I’ve walked into many classrooms in my 23 years of teaching. All types of children of various races I’ve taught in three different states. Whenever I enter a classroom, the student doesn’t know me. I am a stranger, and they are a stranger to me.

I gaze across the apprehensive faces and wonder what discoveries we can make together. I introduce myself and give a few personal facts. I try and break the ice, but it’s difficult. Kids today go through so much, and where I work, they have more trouble than most. I work in a juvenile detention center…

And future readers

Last month I made 8 dollars. The month before that, it was a little over five dollars. Yes, that’s growth, but it’s similar to watching grass grow in the summer. I’ve written on Medium for over two years, and I have about 4k followers. When I first began, I believed growing a following was everything. Once I reached several thousand followers, the money would roll onto my financial shores like a tsunami. However, instead, it’s gentle lapping at the shore that pays for my Medium subscription.

I don’t know why my work never receives large amounts of fans or claps…

A poem about Mitch McConnell’s hypocrisy

Mitch McConnell is a liar and hypocrite. He led the United States Senate for four years and protected a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic president from being convicted twice. The precedent is set that at all costs, we must protect white supremacy in this nation. It proves that integrity and honesty are out the window when it comes to this nation’s seat of government. The idea that Mitch believes he can stand at the people's podium and attempt to hold the former president accountable is ridiculous. …


And why we fight for a country the doesn’t seem to love us back

In recent months I’ve begun to contemplate why we as African Americans continue to persevere and fight for a country that never seems to offer love in return. We fight because we love our fellow Americans. We’ve sacrificed blood, flesh, and tears so we can enjoy the whole fruits of justice. The stories of our past and current leaders tell the story of why we love our country's people so immensely.

During the Boston Massacre, Crispus Attucks was one of the first to die. A runaway slave who was a seaman and a rope maker, he attacked the British soldiers…

A poem

Recently I wrote a short commentary on the consequences doled out to Morgan Wellen for his use of the N-word. It was titled is it “Cancel Culture of Consequences”. I decided to attempt to write the death certificate of the N-word. I thought about the history bound to its DNA. It’s a horrible word that definitely needs to die. Below is what I believe the official death notice would read.

There it is dead
In the street bleeding out hate
A well-deserved fate
Shot by humanity
Love the bullet
That laid it down
Terrorized the African American and stole our crown
Built chains…

Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright.

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